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One of my followers got on me today cause I don’t blog enough so here I go!!!!! Well let’s talk about damn Irene, I was highly upset that she did not come thru like I thought she would.  I was looking forward to being at home with no power getting freaky with my boy….ya heard me!

Not taking away from any family that may have lost someone or their home during this storm, my heart goes out to you!

One thing I’ve noticed is that meteorologists DONT KNOW SHIT! They predicted it would hit NC directly and we would be in some serious shit!  I’m speaking specifically for Raleigh, we were supposed to get it hard and we didn’t.  I went to work yesterday and got me some good ol overtime, DO YOU HEAR ME???  LOL but followers do me a favor share with me what you weekend has been like, what did you do during the storm, was it all that you expected? HIT ME UP!

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Posted on Sunday, 28 August
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