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Let’s talk about SEX!

Last night the hubby and I came across a documentary called “How To Lose Your Virginity” and it was about woman opening up about their sex life or lack there of and the stigma placed around being too sexually active or not being sexually active at all. One lady made an incredible point about the subject of sex being a double edged sword. It’s like this, if you haven’t had sex you’re considered strange and “don’t know what you’re missing”. On the other hand, if you’ve had too many sexual partners, you’re considered a slut or hoe. I find it extremely interesting and sad at the same time because it shouldn’t be that way.

Now, they interviewed one guy and asked if there was an acceptable number for guys when it comes to sexual partners. The guys responds “I don’t think there’s a number or a cap for guys, now girls they can’t have more than 5.” WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT?!?! Why are we teaching boys that’s it’s okay to sleep with any and everything that moves? And yet the minute a girl wants to be sexually promiscuous, she’s a pariah? Get out of here.

One thing I’ve noticed is the word “hoe” is thrown around so easily these days and when I hear people use it I asked them, “What makes this person a hoe?” The normal response is, “Well…they’ve slept with this guy, and that one and that one.” Or “Oh he/she gives it up so easily!” Or “I heard they did this/that!”

So basically…it’s like this, I could sleep with one person in 2007, sleep with another person in 2009, and slept with another person this year and be a hoe simply because you know all 3 people. The timeline doesn’t matter! Just because you know these people and some how found out I slept all 3 of them I’m a hoe. It makes no sense to me! Another common trend is calling a person you slept with a hoe! Hmmmmm…how does that work? And what does it say about you???? Ahh…see no one can answer that question! It simply blows me that society is so simple minded when it comes to sex.

Having multiple sexual partners IS NOT a bad thing! And when I say “multiple sexual partners”, I’m NOT talking about people in relationships cheating on there mate! Of course, if you have multiple sexual partners I suggest playing safe, but if you like it raw or bareback….go for it! It’s your life! Sex is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, a release! If there’s one thing I know, people will do anything to ruin something you enjoy!

Here comes the double edged sword part I mentioned earlier! Let’s say you’re 27 years old and still a virgin….oop did it just get quiet??? Stop looking so confused…27 year old virgins do exist! A 27 year old virgin is like an oxymoron, a myth, the tooth fairy! I ask why though? Shouldn’t it be a beautiful thing that a person has been able to save themselves? But people assume because you’re a certain age or at a certain point in life, you’re having sex or should be.

At the same time, why is virginity so desirable? Like taking someone’s virginity is such as prize? Like virginity is the ultimate proof that you’re a good person or a catch? When in reality, the minute you’ve lost that prize you’re tainted forever!

I really wish I could understand people and their thought process, but I never will! Let’s stop placing judgment and social stigma’s on sex! If it weren’t for sex you wouldn’t be here!

I leave you with this friends…We are sexual beings whether we want to believe it or not, we should explore that being to the fullest extent!


Today is my last day in my current office, I’m moving on to a new position with the same company but at a higher level.  I’m truly excited about it but as always with new experiences, I’m a little scared.  Wondering if I made the right decision, wondering if I’ll do well, wondering what the people will be like.  All these things scare me.  I’m ready though.  All of this came together in God’s time.  I’m taking this new move as a sign that I am ready for bigger and better things.

I’ve made some real friends in this office, they are all loving people with quirky personalities but that’s what makes them great!  Ambiguity my friends, how I love ambiguity! LOL

I’m happy to be advancing in my career but I’m definitely sad to leave those I know actually give a damn if I’m doing alright.  This is going to be an adjustment but I know it’s for the best.  Even if it’s not, I’m going to claim that is and will be!  The time is right, obviously. 

Keep me in your prayers and stay tuned as the journey of my career and my life unfold! 

Thanks for your support


Target has underwear for the GAYS! LOL

So…get into this! Target has undies for the gays!  Why do I say that you ask?  If you know any gay guys, go look at the type of pics they post of men they like or models.  They normally have these skimpy underwear on that show off the “man candy” if you know what I mean.  Jock straps, boxer briefs, bikini’s, thongs, etc…this seems to be the type of undies the gays like these days and them bastards ain’t cheap either! LOL  I’ve included the link just so you can see what they look like!  It’s stereotypical of me but I don’t care…they look like their targeting the gay community with these!

#NoShade…but I’m gonna get some! LMAO  #DontJudgeMe

Just One of them Days…

Hey y’all…just figured I’d check in and let you know how I’m feeling today.  Today is one of them days where I just want to slap EVERYONE, including myself!  If you really know me, you know that I get easily annoyed and today is DEFINITELY one of those days.  Everything is just getting on my nerves.  Sadly, I’m spending most of my day at work.  Hopefully, watching the Super Bowl will bring me out of it…oh yea Go Hawks!  Now, just for clarification I am a Baltimore Ravens fan BIG TIME…but since we did so poorly this season I gotta cheer for someone and it damn sure won’t be the Broncos! LOL

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Yea, people are getting on my nerves.  I have one person who constantly speaks to me like 7 times a day.  Now this may seem weird to some people but I mean really…we spoke to each other when you came in, you do NOT need to say hey every time you pass my damn desk! Go on and get you some business!

Next, I’m not germaphobic but there’s another that coughs like their damn lungs are about to fall out and it’s disgusting! Then has the nerve to want to offer people food and other “goodies”!  NO FUCKING MA’AM…you think I’m about to eat anything you’re offering when you’re hacking all over the place.  I don’t care if it does has a wrapper on it…I guarantee those germs have eaten clean through the wrapper LOL.

I really try to not let my irritation show but hell, it’s hard!  I always wear my frustrations on my face. People know when to leave me alone and I think so people just don’t care.  That’s cute or whatever but you’ll think I did you wrong when I just flip out and sashay my ass back to my desk! #JustSaying

I’m listening to music to try and calm myself…that always helps!  I’ma music head if you couldn’t tell.  Music is my escape and normally when I put my iPhone on shuffle, it will bring up a song that expresses how I feel at the moment, it NEVER fails!  Music brings me joy! And I gotta find my joy up in here before I go postal! HA

I hope you’re having a good day though…enjoy your Sunday, find your joy, prepare for the week ahead and give it all you got! 

Love ya, mean it, #KayBye

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Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?
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I’m freaking out

So done…lol

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